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Glob Essay

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Someone says the world is getting smaller, it is because of globalization. Globalization is an unavoidable trend which affects everyone lifestyle, globalization can bring exceptionally progress and prosperity, simultaneously, it give developing countries poverty, disease and even to disappear some native cultures. Seemingly, everyone can to be a winner of globalization, however, globalization also creates loser. The essay wills analysis the winner and loser in globalization.

In reality, the concept of globalization is ambiguous, Stewart Clegg defines’… the worldwide integration in virtually every sphere achieved principally through markets, a process whereby the world becomes more interconnected and the destiny of those people and organizations within it become more intertwined… ’ (2011), while Barbara Parker (2005) suggests that ‘…Globalization is a process whereby worldwide interconnections in virtually every sphere of activity are growing…’ Generally, globalization refers to integrated economic and societies of different regions which influence local economics; culture; politics; technology and environment.

Since the developing of global, there are many fields have changed such as the relationship between states, sustainability of resources and so on. Depending on these change of globalization process, globalization produces winners and losers.

The winner is stakeholder who gains benefits from globalization, such as big brands; professional and skilled workers, even common people can have benefits from globalization, they have wider choice of consumption Cheaper and Higher quality goods. Developing countries are depending on the process of globalization to rapidly growth economics which reduce a gap between developed countries. These organizations or individual both are referred to as a winner.

According to Mitlon Friedman (1962) said that ‘…the only social responsibility of business is to increase its profits…’ therefore, the main...

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