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Criminal Legislation 1 Keishaun Goldmas In response to the numerous amounts of foreclosures in the housing industry it would benefit society as a whole to implement into the Model Penal Code a law that prohibits landlords from knowingly and/or intentionally renting a property to a lessee if the property is behind in payment or in default of the current mortgage loan. The purpose of this law is to protect innocent renters from being taken advantage of by landlord/property owners who knowingly and purposefully commit fraud resulting in financial loss and emotional distress. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, fraud is a deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain. It is a deceitful…show more content…
- Notwithstanding the proposed law, and in addition to any other civil or criminal penalty authorized by law, the court shall order restitution to all victims of any offense for Criminal Legislation 3 which an enhanced penalty is provided under this section. (b) Scope and Nature of Order. - (1) Directions. - The order of restitution under this section shall direct the defendant to pay to the victim (through the appropriate court mechanism) the full amount of the victim's losses as determined by the court pursuant to paragraph (2). (2) Enforcement. - An order of restitution under this section shall be issued and enforced. (3) Definition. - For purposes of this subsection, the term "full amount of the victim's losses" means all losses suffered by the victim as a proximate result of the offense. (4) Order mandatory. - (A) The issuance of a restitution order under this section is mandatory. (B) A court may not decline to issue an order under this section because of - (i) the economic circumstances of the defendant; or (ii) the fact that a victim has, or is entitled to,

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