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Glengarry Glen Ross Essay

  • Submitted by: bdo20
  • on May 22, 2008
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In the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, Ricky Roma is the top salesman at his office.   His sales techniques are smart and he is quick-witted.   While other salesmen try to quickly get potential clients to sign, Roma takes a slower approach and tries to lure customers into thinking they want what he is offering.   In an early scene we can see how he is able to lure a potential client into his sales by using language and discussing issues that are different from other sales methods.   He can grab the attention of customers by his use of words and story telling.   Roma is more of the dominant type in the movie.   If he knows a deal won't go as he wants, he will have a customer repeat himself a number of times to the point where Roma will work around with answers and keep pushing for his own solution.   This was shown near the end of the movie just before he lost his customer due to Williamson giving more information than needed.  
When Roma speaks to a client or co-worker he uses a number of body movements.   From moving his hands around to various poses.   When speaking he takes a few steps. He keeps his head straight forward to whom he is talking to and only turning very slightly.   When he speaks his voice is clear and well heard.   He can have a soft tone of voice when he's with a customer, either trying to lure them or explain to them something.   His facial expressions depend on the situation but never smiling.  
Near the ending of the movie, where he went off on Williamson after losing his customer, he shows a harsh type character who will do whatever it takes to put down someone.   This scene gives a good example of what stress salesmen go through.   His use of words, including vulgar language and insults, are clear, intense, and attention-grabbers.   If there is one word to describe Ricky Roma it would be "slick"

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