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Glengarry Glen Ross Essay

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Glengarry Glen Ross-Ethics

The incident that I have chosen to analyze from an ethical perspective using utilitarianism and the categorical imperative is Roma’s interaction with Link near the end of the film. The night before, Link signed a contract to purchase property and Roma was the salesman. When Link told his wife of the transaction, she ordered him to cancel and get their money back. Link arrives at the office to see Roma and cancel the deal. Link explains that has wife has told him that they have 3 business days to cancel the deal. Roma acts extremely busy and attempts to delay their meeting by insisting that Monday is the soonest he can meet with Link. Link states Monday will be too late; it will be past the 3 business days. Roma deliberately attempts to lie and confuse Link by telling him that Saturday should not be counted as a business day even though Link is not counting Saturday and that Link has 3 business days from when the deal closed, meaning from when the check was cashed.
Under utilitarianism, Roma’s actions are unethical. Utilitarianism is based on the idea that an action is ethical if the consequences provide the greatest good for the greatest number. Roma would benefit from his lies by getting a commission of $6,000 for the sale and getting the Cadillac for being top salesman and the real estate agency benefits from his sale. On the other hand, Link and his wife would be harmed in the amount of $60,000 by investing in a worthless piece of property. Overall, Link and his wife are harmed more by Roma’s actions than the benefits received by Roma and the real estate agency.
Under the categorical imperative, Roma’s actions are also unethical. Categorical imperative is based on the idea that you should only act in a manner that you would be willing to see everyone else follow and for the act to become a universal law. The moral proposition in this case would be that it is okay to lie. If we made this universal law, the reliability of what...

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