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GLEE Author: Sophia Lowell Opinion: I would recommend this book to my friends, but I think it takes a certain person to really enjoy the book. I think the author did a really good job with trying to keep you entertained so you would not get bored with the book. The book is very detailed. It had a lot of description. The book is based on the new TV series “Glee.” It related to the TV show a little bit, but in my opinion, it was a totally different story. Even though I enjoyed the book a lot, I don’t think people will be reading it ten years from now. Its just not one of those books that has a very important message in it. It has a message to never give up and to strive for your goals but so does every other book. Favorite character: One of my favorite characters in the book is Quinn Fabray. I found her very sneaky, mysterious and mischievous. She really had a sneaky way with playing games in people minds. She was also really good at hiding secrets from other people. I also liked her a lot because every time the book would mention something about her that had to do with her social life, I would always think to myself, “what’s going to happen next?” She really gave life to the book. Summary: How would you define Rachel Berry? She’s annoying, not popular, always picked on, and she wears tacky clothes. Rachel is one of many characters in the novel “Glee.” Glee takes place at McKinley High School. McKinley High is located in Ohio. At McKinley High, Rachel is not well liked. That’s when she decides to change her reputation from a no-body to a some-body. The homecoming dance is coming up soon, and the Cheerios are making all students pay to vote for homecoming queen and king. The Glee Club is desperate for more members. Then Rachel decided to the join Glee Club. Rachel’s amazing voice was discovered during the morning announcements when she started

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