Glass Menagerie Scene 7 Analysis

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GLASS MENAGERIE – SCENE 7 The scene is broken into four sections – - in the first section Jim helps Amanda with the “fuse”. They find out that the fuses are fine but the lights went out owing to Tom not paying he electricity bill. Amanda’s character is revealed as a very resourceful and dignified - – she makes light of the incident and even provides the candles - - Amanda speaks to Jim with a sophistication that we see with no one else. - Amanda’s Dialogue: “Isn’t electricity a mysterious thing ….. some people say science clears up all the mysteries for us, In my opinion it only creates more.” - The cyclorama is also used effectively in this darks scene – when the lights go off the legend on the scene says “suspension of a public service” referring to the cutting off of the electricity but also referring to the gentleman caller who is about to perform a public service with Laura The second section of he the scene is Laura and Jim alone in the living room - the scene begins with the legend on the cyclorama saying “I don’t suppose you remember me at all” reflects Laura’s words before she even says it and, at the same time as a thematic banner for their scene together. - Laura and Jim share a long scene stylistically lit up by candle light. Williams uses this as a device to make this scene almost a love scene but the tensions are there as an under current. - IMPORTANT NOTE stage directions: Laura sits up nervously as Jim enters… she can hardly speak from the intolerable strain of being alone with a stranger….. Jim’s warmth overcomes her paralyzing shyness …. Laura’s voice is thin and breathless …… Jim’s attitude is gently humourous… it is to Laura the climax of her secret life – - The mood of the scene shits from being formal at first, then when Jim recognizes Laura it shifts to informality and nostalgia as they exchange old memories, then it
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