Glass Menagerie Essay

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Glass Menagerie: Escape Tennessee Williams Glass Menagerie is a touching play written by a prominent and inspirational author who focuses on the dreams of three members of the Wingfield family who struggle to face reality. They try to escape by creating their own dream world, away from reality. This play portrays a story of a young yet confused individual named Tom Wingfield. Tom is brought up in a family which consists of his sister Laura and his mother Amanda. His father abandoned them and this lack of a father figure dictates the future for Tom as he is the only financial support for his family. Williams brilliantly structured the play because just when you think the novel ends, it begins. In the beginning, we see Tom wanting to escape and run away from his duties, like his father, but in the end of the novel Williams forces the audience to ponder and ask themselves, was Tom ever able to escape from his family. The novel demonstrates the importance of a father figure and the consequences that arise when a child is deprived of such a strong support. It is a perfect example of parallelism between Tennessee Williams and Tom Wingfield. Throughout the play we see Tom’s desire to escape from the world that his family lives in by traveling and writing poetry. He is trapped in a very conventional and materialistic world and he struggles to pursue his dreams because of the demands that his mother puts upon him. In the novel, Williams is able to show the importance of family and the constant theme a need to escape from reality. Tom Wingfield is able to tolerate his overbearing mother and stay at home for a certain time period. There is a point in every individual’s life that they have had enough; the burden of supporting a family at such young age becomes unbearable. He struggles in choosing between his responsibility towards his family and his dream to go on an

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