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Dreams & Nightmares of the Glass Menagerie The Glass Menagerie is a story composed of three characters that gives us a look into a truly dysfunctional family. At first it all seems as if their lives are anything but normal, Amanda the mother constantly reminiscing of her golden days in the south. One aspect of her life being a dream is that her daughter finds a gentlemen’s caller for instance. Laura wants to get the coffee and Amanda says, “Resume your seat, little sister- I want you to stay fresh and pretty-for gentlemen callers!” (I, 1249). Amanda’s dream is for Laura to find a husband that could take care of her. Yet, Amanda always speaks of how she one Sunday had seventeen gentlemen’s callers and how she could have married one of them. “He had Midas touch, whatever he touched turned to gold! And I could have been Mrs. Duncan J. Fitzhugh, mind you! But- I picked your Father” (I, 1251). That can well be represented as her nightmare that she did not marry a wealthy man that could have taken care of her instead of her current husband that left her and her children. Laura is like a fragile piece of glass just like in her collection of glass menagerie. Laura unable to survive in the outside world and business school she roams thru her town while her mother still believes she is assisting school. “I’ve just been going out walking” (II, 1252) “I went in the art museum and the bird houses at the zoo…” (II, 1253) Her incapability of keeping up with the classes is one of Laura’s nightmares, “It was the lesser of two evils, Mother. I couldn’t go back up. I-threw up-on the floor!” (II, 1253).Every aspect of her life you can tell it is a nightmare she tries to live to her mother’s expectations and yet she feels that she fails. There is an instance where she feels that maybe Jim is right for her when he calls her Blue Rose and she replies, “In what respect am I

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