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Glass Ceiling The Law According to, glass ceiling is an invisible but real barrier through which the next stage or level of advancement can be seen, but cannot be reached by a section of qualified and deserving employees. Such barriers exist due to implicit prejudice on the bases of age, ethnicity, political or religious affiliation, and/or sex. Although generally illegal, such practices are prevalent in most countries. (Glass Ceiling, 2010) In 1989 the US Department of Labor created the Glass Ceiling Initiative. This initiative called for an investigation that would take place in the fall of 1989. Independent compliance reviews were conducted to explore the glass ceiling. Nine Fortune 500 companies would be randomly selected to participate in this compliance review. The goal of this was to promote a diverse workforce; promote corporate conduct conducive to cooperative problem solving; to promote equal opportunity; and, to establish a Department of Labor blueprint for future reviews at all levels. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) was charged with conducting the reviews. There were four major components to the initiative: (1) educating Department of Labor officials; (2) conducting reviews; (3) promoting efforts to remove barriers to minority advancement; and (4) rewarding contractors who demonstrated exemplary efforts. The program was designed to produce specific results. The results include identifying barriers, eliminating the problems, and increasing awareness of these barriers and the resulting discrimination. Not a single company that was under review was cited for discriminatory practices, even though, most failed to comply fully with all affirmative action requirements. The Initiative did find that there were three major categories of barriers present. The first category was recruitment practices that

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