Glass Ceiling Essay

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Over View of the Issue of the Glass Ceiling: The question of inequality always arises between men and women. In today society also women are treated differently as compared to men. In equality between men and women has been a debatable issue for the last thousands of years. Our society still believes that women are not capable of performing the works as the men do. Still now glass ceiling exists as men are given much higher priority than women. Glass ceiling refers to the barriers in the progress in the different field of profession. In today society different types of glass ceiling exist like different pay for women as compared to men, religious discrimination, not giving mangers post to the women. Glass ceiling is not created with a single reason in the society. Man and woman are like a two wheel of a car. Similarly, both of them are equally important to run the world. In the past due to many reason woman got less chance in the outside world rather than the inside world. One of the main reasons is about house hold work and the children. Woman plays a vital role of the Mother Nature that most need to take care the family. In the past the time was totally different that the people were not much educated and the world was also in bad shape. Another is about the weakness and the value of the feminine. Consequently man used to work out side and the woman used to work in side that is about the division of the work. There are many reasons that the inequality raises our hand. Slowly, everything is changed people become more educated and the world is completely different. Now is the time of technology and the computer. Woman starts working outside the world too. But still in different place and in different position woman are mistreated. However and whatever the issue and the condition the govern start providing the better opportunity to woman. The

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