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Glass Ceiling: Facts and Solutions ABSTRACT Women and minority groups face difficulties in working life. There are some invisible burdens that obstruct their career advancement. The term “Glass Ceiling” is commonly used for describing these barriers. External and internal factors of business life constitute the main burdens. The social, academic, and governmental authorities contribute to research on finding a solution to the problem. Recovery programs formed, and tried to be implemented. Although there are small beginnings, findings suggest that women and minority are still far behind the breaking of glass ceiling. Keywords: glass ceiling, barriers, woman in business Women and minority groups face a variety of biases that keeps them away from proceeding to higher levels of their professional career. This issue was described as “glass ceiling” for the first time in an article published in the Wall Street Journal on March 24, 1986. Since the term “glass ceiling” was first introduced, it is being argued on many platforms focusing on different aspects of it and actions were taken to lessen its effects. Although government and private enterprises seek ways for removing these barriers in front of women and minority groups, and we have seen some exceptional cases in which a woman or a minority moves into a top position, glass ceiling continues to be a major obstacle for certain groups. The question is what the major barriers that form the glass ceiling are. The major barriers can be classified in three main areas. They are barriers that are not directly linked to the business environment, barriers formed by practices in business life, and barriers stemmed from government operations. There are many sociological issues that work as a burden on woman and minority groups. The Glass Ceiling Commission Report summarized these points in two main categories: barriers

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