Glass Ceiling Essay

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Glass ceiling The glass ceiling refers to an invisible obstruction that limits the level to which a women or another person that can advance in their organization. Workingwomen have increased dramatically in the last years. Furthermore, women have other responsibilities to do. The glass ceiling for women in the workplace leads to problems and it has negative effects on women. Perhaps the most common cause of women not getting management positions is the cultural pressure they get from their families. According to the listening, culture in working women makes it difficult in the UAE. Families are accepting females to work in an environment that are not mixed. Moreover, men grab the opportunities more that women because women have a few opportunities in female environment. The lack of confidence leads to women to do better things. Women have other responsibilities and cannot work for long hours. Although they will get more experience and learn new things, they don’t get a high position and promotion. Nowadays, companies are discriminate between men and women. As a result of these causes, women can be affected and can lose their self-confidence. For example, women get frustrated and tired from working so they quite their job. For this thing the present of working women will decrease. Women who are not working will get discourage and not enter the workplace, they will stay at home. According to text a, women’s salaries can be less than men that works in the same position. In summary, I suggest that women must have flexible work hours, so she can balance between her work and house. More equal opportunities is better for the both sides men and

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