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Women Victims: Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling Women participation in every sector of our lives has always been a main matter of concern. Women as victims of social forces and economical status are the main concerns that need a special attention. So, this paper is mainly concerned in finding the possible cause of discrimination and who is the main discriminator? Furthermore, this paper will try to investigate and answer few unanswered questions like whether glass ceiling exists for woman or not? And if it exists then what is the depth of discrimination? Are women really unable to stand next to men? Glass Ceiling can be simply defined as the social barrier for any individual’s success in spite of their capability. This normally occurs due to discrimination in gender, race or age. However, male dominancy is considered as one of the most dominant among all other types of discrimination. Starting from the house to the corporate level, women are always considered as the victims of the male discrimination where women are provided with the lowest possible position. They are considered as the member but not as the valuable element of the team. Moreover, a distinct partiality exists in corporate level between man and woman, starting from pay to promotion. Only the four percentages of women are able to achieve the top-level management position in any organization (Lucy, “The Sustained Glass Ceiling,” par. 3). Similarly, the average salary of male is almost $10,000 more than of average women salary in 1999 (U.S. census Bureau 2000, “Special Report,” 3). This scenario is not created due to the defective performance of woman rather it is due to the man in the society who always wants to be the senior of the woman. By nature and tradition, male have higher tendency to act as the boss of female and they deny accepting woman leadership. Physically, female might not be

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