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Trident University Catina A. Ned ETH301- Business Ethics Glass Ceiling Dr. Leroy Demuth WOMEN and the MILITARY Being a member of the United States Armed Forces I entered the service in 2007, I have personally witnessed the glass ceiling in affect as well as it be nonexistent in numerous situations, positions, and places. Of the military is still overall primarily made of males, with males making up roughly about 80% of the total military force. With these percentages it would be easy to see why some military service members would be hesitant if not resistant to women having equal advancement and command opportunities. Although the Military standards have been set, equal opportunity regardless of race, gender, or religion, “glass ceilings’ are still effect in the military. Grade/ Rank and Gender in 1995 through 1997, women were still stopped by the “glass ceiling” (Glass 4 Mar 1998). During these times zero women had achieved in the grade of 0-10. In 1997 only 13.53% were officers and total enlisted only 13.71% were women (Glass 4 Mar 1998). These facts and figures show the difficulty that women had had in breaking the “glass ceiling” even today when women have proven themselves to be competent and successful. One of the many reasons that this process has been slow is due to the overall thought and assumption that women cannot perform certain task, and jobs currently performed by males due to physical restrictions and inabilities. Currently, women are not allowed to serve in the United States Marine Corp as an infantryman of any type. There is still misguided belief that women don’t have the strength or “guts” to be in a combat unit, that women lack the killer-instinct and the ability to kill if need be (Women and the Military). With today’s technology and the way current wars are fought that there is absolutely no reason

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