Glass Ceiling Essay

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Walker (2002) defined hospitality industry as 1) guest cordial and generous reception. 2) Service which is dedicated for people away from home of a wide range businesses. It is specific emphasize personnel’s responsibility of hospitable hosts and services managers offered. Therefore, hospitality industry defined as guests welcome service in offering food and beverages industry, lodging services, recreation services, travel-related services and products. Bardi (2003) defined hospitality as the generous and cordial provision of services to a guest include room accommodation, food and beverages, meeting facilities and the like. A hotel is defined in providing traveler’s food, lodging, entertainment etc in a big house operation. Therefore, it is an operation that offers accommodation and subsidiary services to people travel away from home in any reason. This applies the traditional concept of a hotel, motels, inns, holiday camps, condominiums, hostels, hospitals and prisons. Walker (2002) defined management it is persons that run the functions of forecasting, planning, decision making, communicating, organizing, motivating and control a business. It is the main factor in ensuring the victory of an industry or organization. An organization is effective when the operation is running smoothly. Walker (2002) defined manager as persons which gets necessary resources to accomplish task and they supervise and observe group and individual in achieving goal. He or she who controls and directs the affairs of a business. Manager is in the top and middle level management in the organization. This research emphasis on female manager perceptions on career challenges. Flanders (1994) defined ‘glass ceiling’ as female workers who faced frustrations in every level to career advancement where found themselves being blocked by an invisible barrier. Therefore ‘glass ceiling’

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