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The Glass Ceiling July 11, 2011 Overview The glass ceiling still exists despite the fact that the year is now 2011. Ray B. Williams and Lisa Martin wrote an article for Psychology Today about “Why Hasn’t The Glass Ceiling Been Broken?” They discuss that while progress has been made it has been incremental. Even though researchers can show evidence that women executes do a better job then their male counterparts, there are still many women excluded from the highest positions in the corporate world. That for women to break through the leadership at the top has to make the first move. In addition, Amy Masike wrote an article fro The Economist about “The conundrum of the glass ceiling” also stating that women are missing from the corporate hierarchy. She touches on the stereotype that has been assigned to women in the workplace and how difficult it is to get those stereotypes changed. It was not so long ago that women did not even have the right to vote. Today women are allowed in nearly every field of competition and their rights, at least on paper, are equal to men’s rights. In 1986, the Wall Street Journal made popular the term “glass ceiling” which described the invisible barriers that women have to face as they approach the top of the corporate hierarchy. This glass ceiling has even branched out into “glass elevators” and “glass escalators”. This ceiling enables a woman to move ahead in the working world, but only so far, and no farther. Hence, the new terminology allowing women the opportunity to move upward but never reaching the very top. The complaint was that women were not generally allowed to be as successful, nor make as much money, as men in the same, or similar, occupations. Today many would have us believe that the glass ceiling is no longer a reality, with women demonstrating that they are just as successful as men in all occupations

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