Glasgow 5Th March Essay

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Critical essay The poem “glasgow 5th march 1971” by Edwin Morgan is a poem about two youths who push a man and woman through a shop window to loot the shop. The poem is about how violence occurs in regular streets such as sauchihol st, not alleys, and how the public upon seeing this turn a blind eye and do nothing about it. The poem is about how people react to terrible violence yet do nothing and dont object, while pretending to object. Morgan uses enjambement to show a sense of urgeny to the situation “with a ragged diamond...” This is effective because it brings the reader into the incident as its happening. this technique is also helped by the powerful onampatopei for example “the man's face bristiling with fragments of glass” and the fact its in present tense the whole way through, these techniques help make the poem seem very vivid and gives the incident good description. Morgan also makes the reader feel sorry for the victem and anger against the two youths by making it clear the woman will die “spurting arterial blood on her wet-look coat.” whilst adding irony almost as if it is a sick joke as the coat is now no longer wet-look but soaking with her own blood. Morgan also makes the reader feel angry at the youths by saying “ There faces show no expression” Morgan does not even give them identities and where as he uses various tachniques throughout the poem, here he just give a ststement, making the line stand out to the reader, and making the youths seem robotic and un-human, in there lack of morales. Also the robotic nature of the youths makes it seem as though they do this regularly. This description of the robotic youths adds to the vivd and brutal nature of the poem. Overall the poet has been very succesful in delivering the underlying message in the poem which is that this behaviour happens frequently and for the criminals doing it, it does

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