Gladiators vs. Nfl Players

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NFL players are the modern gladiators. Football is a game amongst men, every sunday they step out on the field for war, to entertain the public. Much like the Roman Gladiators. There are many people that don't agree with the idea that NFL athletes are the modern gladiators. Everything from the appearance of their uniform to the object of the game, they wore armor much like football equipment. The object of the game was to win. Winning for most athletes is surviving. The gladiators spent hours training for their battles, to entertain, but to many of the men it was more than just a game it was a way of life, once again carries over to the NFL athlete. The biggest similarity was violence. The idea of the gladiator “Battles” was to kill and be the last one standing. The “modern American gladiators”,had the mind set to go out and beat the hell out of the man in their way. “Violence has been a key component to the success of each of these activities.” Both of the entertainments were highly involved with violence. People love violence, the sports wouldn't have been nearly as likable if there wasn't death or violence. Some people just come for the violence, even if they don't understand the game. The NFL can sell over 100,000 tickets, and the Gladiators were able to bring in close to that maybe more. That is entertainment, there are not many other forms of entertainment that can bring in that many people. Fans enjoy the game so much that they stand tall and scream as loud as they can, “Seismologists say Seahawks fans shook the ground under Seattle's CenturyLink Field during Saturday's defeat of the New Orleans Saints, causing another fan-generated earthquake.”. People would get really attached to a Gladiator, much like a fan and their NFL team. “They are expendable, just like gladiators” In the end they both played for a rich businessman, and fighting for money.

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