Gladiator Movie Review

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Reed Moran David Wirth English 1a Essay 1 Gladiator In the year 2000, director Ridley Scott took fans back to the year 180 AD in the setting of Ancient Rome with the movie Gladiator. Scott also directed the movies Alien and Blade Runner, which fall under the same category of action and drama. Earlier in the history of cinema, there were gladiator films like Spartacus and Ben Hur that all seemed the same in black and white with a hero battling his way to the top driven by rage. Gladiator, a simple name that doesn’t evoke much of a story, makes it seem that it would fall under the same category but tops all of its predecessors due to the amazing cinematography of Scott. This Best Picture Award winning film begins portraying Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe) in a battle between the Romans and German barbarians. Maximus is a highly respected general in the army, in turn giving him a strong relationship with the Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, who is greatly portrayed by Richard Harris. The action that is shown early in the movie demonstrates Maximus’ warrior mentality and heart, drawing the audience closer to the role of the hero. This battle between the Romans and barbarians is a very good beginning to the movie, because it helps the viewer realize how far back in time this is taking place and the different morals at the time. Some of the actions are literally barbaric, but what draws the viewer closer to Maximus is his sense of right and wrong. He states that he only fights for something he truly believes in, while others are savages. The plot thickens after the victory of the Romans over the barbarians as the Emperor tells Maximus that he has been chosen to be the next Emperor. Aurelius chooses him because he feels that Maximus can restore power to the Roman Senate, leading to a revival of the Republic. Everything seems as if it will be picture

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