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Thesis statement Gladiator is a historical epic movie. The film is based in Rome, and displays controversy towards the running of the Roman Empire by the emperor Commodus. Maximus on the other hand wants Rome to be returned to the people, and he tries to fulfill the wishes of Marcus Aurelius who was the previous emperor, but was murdered. Introduction Gladiator is set in 180 AD, and uses actual historical personages and events for background. The events that transpire in the film are largely fictional, but they blend in well with the known facts. The Roman Empire is in full blossom, having survived the excesses of one corrupt emperor after the next. The latest Caesar, Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris), is a scholar who has taken to the battlefield to repel a barbarian threat from Germania. To that end, he has invaded, relying upon the leadership and valor of his best general, Maximus (Russell Crowe), to win the day. Maximus does not disappoint, and the Emperor privately decides to name him a his successor - a decision that does not sit well with Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), Marcus' son. In a fit of rage and grief, he kills his father, then has Maximus taken away to be executed. The general, however, escapes death, slaying his would-be killers, then races home to protect his wife and son. But he is too late - by the time he arrives, they are both dead, and he is soon taken prisoner by slave-traders. Along with his new friend Juba (Djimon Hounsou), he is bought by Proximo (Oliver Reed), an owner and trainer of Gladiators. Recognizing Maximus' potential, Proximo grooms him for a trip to Rome's Coliseum. Analysis/Conclusion I can visualize from the story the writer's itch to show what greatness means. That greatness is being true to your word, being truthful to yourself and doing a noble and magnanimous deed. It is being brave despite trials. It

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