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Task 1: Geography and the Development/Diffusion of Human Societies Princess Dana Catacutan Part A The most significant geographic factor that contributed to the development of the Fertile Crescent or Mesopotamia were the two rivers that surrounds it. Tigris and Euphrates rivers served great source of food and used for irrigation of crops. It was an ideal place for early people to settle in Mesopotamia to utilize the life giving water of these two rivers. Also, the two rivers were used for transportation and trade. Irrigation from the two rivers made it possible for the early settlers to farm and had abundant crops for trade. Furthermore, the supply of water from the two rivers were used for grazing areas for cattle and sheep. As a result, Mesopotamian had a lot of food variety they can choose from and permitted others to look for different jobs; for example, making clay pots and tools. Thus, new jobs developed and buildings and dams were built (Britannica, 2011) Part B The development of the chariot provides as a great example of diffusion throughout the continents. Chariots was invented in Mesopotamia to carry a driver and an archer for war. It was invented to be used in war and the main concept of a chariot was to keep moving constantly and shoot the enemy at a distance. Chariots were transmitted in different countries like china, Greece, and Europe by trade, travel, conquest, and migration. Chariots were transmitted to Egypt by the Hyksos, which are charioteers from Syria. The Egyptians improved chariots by modifying its design making it lighter and easier to use. They covered the wood with some metal sheets and putting the axle in the rear of the platform to increase speed and stability. The modification of chariots was the turning point of the Egypt and made their military as one of the largest and most powerful in the world. Part C The
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