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Assignment 3 English Composition II 22 June 2010 Response #1: “Powder” In “Powder,” Tobias Wolff discusses the relationship between a boy and his father, told through an event that happened as a child. The father is an outgoing type guy who enjoys life, vice the boy who is uncomfortable with most things and too dependent on planning to be happy. In the middle of a split up between his mother and father, he sets out on what becomes an adventure with his father. In an attempt to build a relationship with the boy, his father tends to break the rules and expose him to a more open culture. In every aspect of the story, his father seems to be a caring and loving father who only wants the best for his son. On the other hand, the boy seems to be close to his father, but only wants to get home to his mother for Christmas Eve. After, breaking the rules and driving through road blocks, time was well spent between the two and the father-son relationship grew stronger. Throughout the story the boy is uncomfortable and seems to cling to his father in most cases out of fear. “Yet the boy, who is so tightly wired that he numbers his clothes hangers, is finally able to relax, to trust his father, to accept his fate and enjoy the journey” (Byrd 1). Being so organized and having everything scheduled, he finally settled down and put aside his concerns and enjoyed his ride with his father. In the end, the wreckless journey through the blinding snow gave both the father and son the chance to improve their relationship. In a sense, the story represents a new beginning, their old tracks are covered up which leaves them to make new ones. Response #2: “Ulysses” “Ulysses” is an inspiring poem to both modern and classic readers. It distinguishes between Ulysses as a hero and a man. At such an old age, Ulysses is struck by the agony of realizing his late stage in life. He is

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