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Assessment Questions 1. 1. Which unit is used to measure mass in the metric system? o A. Pound o B. Slug o C. Ounce o D. Gram 2. 2. Based on the image, what is the mass of the object being measured? o A. 500.1 grams o B. 501.0 grams o C. 510 grams o D. 600 grams 3. 3. You are determining the mass of an object using a triple beam balance. When the pointer is lined up with the zero mark, the riders show values of 300 grams, 20 grams, and 8.0 grams. What is the mass of the object? o A. 272.0 grams o B. 328.0 grams o C. 439.0 grams o D. 48000 grams 4. 4. Based on the image, what can you infer about the mass of the object being measured? o A. The mass is exactly 255.0 grams. o B. The mass is slightly less than 255.0 grams. o C. The mass is slightly more than 255.0 grams. o D. The mass is not exactly 255.0 grams, but it is impossible to tell whether the mass is greater than or less than 255.0 grams. 5. 5. You place a mass of 250 grams on the measurement tray of a triple beam balance and then set the rider on the 500 gram beam to the 200 gram mark (the other riders are set to 0 grams). Which of the following statements is true? o A. The pointer will be above the zero mark. o B. The pointer will be below the zero mark. o C. The pointer will be lined up with the zero mark. o D. The pointer will move up and down once per

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