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Giving Special Treatment Essay

  • Submitted by: denisebb
  • on January 4, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Giving Special Treatment

Think about tis I was standing in line and you have a question about a new cell phone.   You have been waiting in line   for a   little longer than expected .then you look at the customer that is standing at the help desk. The customer and the employee are swapping stories on what they did over the weekend. The employee then asks the customer if she wants to join her on her next weekend getaway. By now it has been 15 minutes since you got in line and they have been talking.   So now Iā€™m getting irritated   and   I let them know I start blowing my breath, tapping my foot, and   I cross my arms. I finally get the employees attention and   her reaction to my non-verbal cues was she   rolls her eyes at me and continues talking.

How should   I handle this situation?
I want to tell these people to shut up and for the employee that she is not getting paid to talk about her weekends but to solve the customers need   and to provide equal service   to each and every customer that walk through the door. But I get out of line and   go and look for the   supervisor and I explain the problem that I am having with his employee . The supervisor immediately apologize   for his employee and we begin to go to the help desk and the customer and the employee are just now what appears to be finishing their conversation .   The employee is now looking a

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