Giving Out Condoms in School Essay

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Giving Out Condoms in High Schools Condoms should be handed out to high school students for a number of reasons. There are situations in which many people have different opinions. It is my belief, that condom distribution in high schools would make a lot of students feel very comfortable and happy to know they have some protection available for them. Giving out condoms in schools is a highly controversial subject, but studies have shown, that schools that make condoms available to students have had a decrease in teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. A study in the American Journal of Public Health found that students who attend schools that provide condoms are reporting more safe sex practices during intercourse than students who attend schools without these programs. According to other studies, 66% of females and 68% of males are having sexual intercourse before the age of 18 regardless as to whether they use condoms are not. For those against making condoms available in schools, many feel that even though students may practice safe sex, schools are encouraging young people into being more sexually active. In addition, opponents feel that parents should decide if their teen has access to condoms and schools should not take away this right. Many people against the programs that allow schools to give out condoms feel that instead, there should be more emphasis on sexual education programs to educate students about the dangers and risks of having sex and to promote abstinence. In 1999, a research study found that 106 out of every 1000 females between the ages of 15 and 19 were pregnant, had a miscarriage, or an abortion within the previous year. This was, of course, before some schools began making condoms available for students. So even if the use of condoms has not slowed down sexual activity in young people, the availability of being able to
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