Giving Hope Essay

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Giving Hope Imagine watching a little boy come into a hospital, wheel chair, loss of strength in his legs, a few fractures, and even a few burns all from a horrific car accident. He looks scared, after a few months into treatment, the kindness and strong willed dedicated physical therapist, has helped this little boy. He is walking through that same hospital fearless without the wheelchair, burns, and those fractures he had are gone. Physical therapists help restore and gain back normal functions in hopes of preventing permanent disabilities (“Physical Therapists”). The employment for this occupation is expected to grow rapidly leaving more and more job opportunities (Physical Therapist”). In becoming a physical therapist one should take action in educating themselves on the daily working conditions, stresses physically/emotionally and the necessary education required. Someone should begin preparing for this occupation by first getting a master’s degree from a physical therapy program which includes two or two in a half years of fulltime schooling and taking courses in math, anatomy, physics, biology and chemistry and important to in roll in (“How To Become A Physical Therapist”). All physical therapists must have either a completed physical therapy doctoral or master’s degree that must be passed by the American Physical Therapy Association (“How to Become a Physical Therapist”). Physical Therapists must obtain their physical therapy license for as long as they stick with this job (“physical Therapist”) Another aspect required in getting closer to becoming a physical therapist are the state license exam, this exam is very important because once an individual passes it they retain their physical therapist license. There are so many more jobs and multiple different educations, an individual who seeks further education has a higher ranked job with better pay and

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