Giving High School Dropouts a Second Chance

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Giving High School Dropouts a Second Chance Many American students start off their high school career with a plan. Their plan is to graduate high school and go to the college of their dreams. Unfortunately, many students end up dropping out before they get to carry out their plan. According to Alliance for Excellent Education, “Every school day, nearly 7,000 students become dropouts. Annually, that adds up to about 1.2 million students who will not graduate from high school with their peers as scheduled.” As you can see, the number of high school dropouts is skyrocketing. There are many reasons why a student would have to drop out before being able to complete high school. To start off with, there are many high school girls that get pregnant anywhere between their sophomore year and their senior year, and they cannot finish off school. It is very difficult to have a baby and stay on track in school to graduate. Another reason why a student would have to dropout is because their family needs finical help. Whether it be a parent sick, or a loss of a parent, or they just cannot make ends meet, that’s a heavy responsibility on a student and they would not be able to do both. In my opinion, the most important reason a student drops out is because they fall behind in school, and there is no way for them to catch up. Whatever the reason is, it is important for students to know that there are options. Distance learning is a great way to get back on track with school and get students motivated to graduate and start college. As it is stated in “Online Classes Can Increase Learning”, “online learning can enable districts to provide solutions to help address each of these reasons students leave school and as a consequence, could play an important role in reducing the current rate of high school dropouts.” When most teen moms find out they are expecting, they think their

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