Give Me a Raise or I'M Going to Quit Essay

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“Give Me A Raise Or I’m Going To Quit!” No one should be treated like this its preposterous, I work just as hard as anyone in this company, better yet I work harder than anyone else. You may see this letter as me just complaining but if you put yourself in my shoes you’ll know my situation, by the way my shoes are small so im pretty sure they’ll hurt. You may also think that I’m quite young but in all honesty I’m just as mature as anyone. Don’t think i’m being rude im just speaking my mind, opinions and how I feel about this situation, I apologize if you think I am. Back to the reason of this heated letter, I’m highly upset in how I’m not getting enough money for the hard work i do everyday! I Do admit I might make some mistakes but everyone makes mistakes and should deserve a second chance especially me i mean I’m pretty attractive, I wouldn’t say i’m miss America, but i'm certainly no ugly duckling i can tell you that. Also I’m the only employee who comes to work early and that shows you how much I’m dedicated to this job more than others. All im asking for is a bigger paycheck for my light wallet, just to get me through the week and weekends i need more clothes and food for school i can’t survive on the salary i get now, not even for 2 weeks. I’m pretty sure the company has a little money to share right? can’t you just add a couple of dollars? I’ve done so much, I’ve cleaned, I’ve folded, I’ve typed, and I’ve poked myself a million times with those sensors, don’t get me wrong I like having red dots all over my fingers. Without this raise I’ll be sitting in the streets sharing a Mcchicken with a hobo. Sir, I’m going to let you know I will strike until I get that raise! There are people out there who are suffering not making enough money at their jobs, or are losing their jobs and are becoming poor and homeless, do you want more people like that? Do you want me to

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