Give Back Essay

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How Business can give back to the community: It can be mutually beneficial if businesses create partnerships with the communities where they operate. The benefit can be enormous if giving back to the community goal is labeled as “partnership”. Communities especially low income and under privileged communities should feel that they are part of the action and not feel that the business’ community connection action is just a charity. Also businesses can benefit especially if they educate the community on the local and global environment and inform the community that the corporation always operates environment in mind while trying to be economically feasible. The businesses should also remember social equity when it comes to giving back to the community. The business can explain its sustainability actions and serve as a role model. It is important to prove that the business is not just doing the talk rather walking the walk. 1. Hiring local interns can create job opportunities to young people in the community. 2. Creating job open houses especially tailored with the community the business operates. 3.Organize an employee volunteer day such as “Habitat for humanity” The business may lose a day of productivity, but coordinating a day or two each year when employees can volunteer together 4. Charity Businesses should concentrate on education and partnering as much as financial help. 5. Get on a nonprofit board. Offering the business or industry expertise to a local nonprofit by sitting on their board. This way, your contribution can be time (after work hours) and not money. 7. Partner with other business: Partnering with other small businesses can serve you and others to achieve the goals and the community can benefit in larger amount. 8. Donate to silent auctions. Churches and schools often need gift certificates or merchandise they can sell for
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