Girl With The Pearl Earring

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The film Girl with a Pearl Earring is seen through a film maker’s perspective of the events that took place leading up to the making of the world renowned painting of a girl with a pearl earring. The film highlights aspects of the lives of the rich and the poor and their struggles, their successes and more. The 17th century film is about a poor girl, Griet, who has to mature and go out to work at a very early age as maid and a talented artist who became this young girl’s Master. However, despite their different backgrounds they connected on a level that cannot be explained in totality but could be described as one which many wish to attain. Against all of their struggles of having this secretive relationship both Vermeer and Griet were able to increase their knowledge and love of painting and produce a beautiful, simplistic yet powerful painting of Griet as the girl with a pearl earring. Griet worked for a family whose way of life was quite different from that of her own. She had to adapt to, and stay strong in a very chaotic atmosphere that stemmed from Vermeer and his wife right down to the other maids. Besides that she had to deal with the sexual advances from one Vermeer’s clients, Van Ruijven, who was the reason behind the painting of a girl with a pearl earring and who also seemed to trouble anything with a pulse. With all of that going on she still tried to keep her budding romance with the butcher’s son alive. It seemed as though the only person she could relate to was Vermeer which caused further tension in the house because it was not considered the norm as he was her Master. She was able to learn a lot about painting, mixing paints, correct lighting and more from cleaning Vermeer’s studio, one wish his wife was not allowed to in to. He instantly saw her and became inspired to paint from her intriguing look and her desire to learn about art which he

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