Girl With A Pearl Earring Essay

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3. The speaker does establish credibility. As being defined in The American Heritage, Dictionary of the English Language (2010), credibility means the quality, capability or power to elicit belief. In the speech, the speaker manages to influence the audience. The first painting mentioned, “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer, the speaker made a research on the painting. There was a doubt about the conflicted look on the face of the girl in the painting. There is an intimate look on her face. There were suggestions that she was the daughter or the painter. However, she points out that she was actually the lovely servant of the painter which there is an intimate relationship between both of them. Base on the evidence given, the research made, the thorough explanation pointed out and the emotion when the speech is delivered by…show more content…
The main points are supported by relevant evidences, explanations and reasons. For example, the painting of “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer is supported with evidences. The speaker research proves that the suggestion of the girl in the painting was the daughter of Vermeer was wrong. However, she was the lovely maid, who developed an intimate relationship. Her research also reveals that the clothes and pearl earring worn by her was actually his wife’s belongings. The second painting “Boy Building A House of Cards” is supported with explanations. It was explained with the innocent and experienced look by the boy’s face and the details in the painting. She also explains that the boy was so focused in what he was doing that he did not pay attention to the painter. The last painting, “Anonymous”, is supported with proper reasoning. The guy in the painting was unhappy because of the look on his face. He was blushing because of his red cheeks. The speaker raised a question too because of the blushing face and the silk worn by the guy in the painting. All these points are gathered together in the story told by the

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