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A&P Basics 1. Which of the following disciplines is MOST likely to concentrate on the structure and function of organelles? a. Gross anatomy b. Histology c. Cytology d. Embryology Which of the following disciplines is LEAST likely to require the use of a microscope? a. Gross anatomy b. Embryology c. Histology d. Cytology During the process of cell division there are several phases. During one of them the nucleus is split “apart” or split “up” into 2 separate portions. Based on your knowledge of word roots, which of the following terms refers to this phase? a. Interphase b. Anaphase c. Gammaphase d. Metaphase e. Prophase In class we discussed the hierarchical arrangement of the human body. Arrange the following structures according to that plan from the simplest to the most complex. 1. Oxygen molecule 2. Respiratory system 3. Mitochondria 4. Trachea 5. Pseudostratified columnar epithelium 6. Goblet cell a. b. c. d. e. 5. 1,6,3,4,5,2 2,4,5,6,1,3 1, 3,6,5,4,2 3,1,5,6,4,2 1,6,3,2,5,4 2. 3. 4. Which of the following organ systems functions in communication and control? a. Muscular b. Cardiovascular c. Nervous d. Spino-cerebral e. Reproductive 1 A&P Basics 6. Which of the following is TRUE about humans? a. We are vertebrates and we are bipedal. b. We have mammary glands and a total of 6 middle ear bones. c. We have a large brain size to body size ratio. d. We have are considered to be mammals, primates, and hominids. e. All of the above Angiotensin II is a chemical that causes blood pressure to rise. Peyton is a normal individual and he has X amount of angiotensin II in his blood stream. Eli has low blood pressure because his heart does not beat with the proper force. Eli has Z amount of angiotensin II in his blood stream. Which of the following is TRUE? a. X=Z b. X>Z c. X<Z Which of the following is an example of negative feedback? a. Control of blood pressure b.

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