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Ryan Stickney Kennedy p. 2-3 Millicent Min Girl Genius Millicent Min was written by Lisa Yee. Lisa developed her excellent writing skills at a very young age. Her third grade teacher had always complemented Lisa for her very creative stories. As an adult, Lisa has studied detective work, written can-food labels, and scripted television specials. Millicent Min is Lisa’s first novel. She now lives in South Pasadena, California with her husband and two children. Millicent Min was published in 2003. This book is set in Montgomery County, Maryland. The plot of this book was to prove that sometimes even though you think lying is the easy way out it might make things worse. Millicent Min is an 11 year old girl who is clueless when it comes to making friends. Her fellow high school students hate her for making the curve and her fellow 11 year-olds hate her for already being in high school. Millicent feels it is not her fault she has the smarts to be in high school, and now that she will soon be graduating she would like to attend a poetry class at a college! Her mom and dad do not agree with the plan. They feel she is too young and she needs to mature and live life before going away to college. So, after both Millicent and her grandma, Maddey , try so hard to convince her parents to let Millicent go, her parents finally decide that she could… on one condition. Millicent had to join a volleyball team. Her mom thought it would be a good way to make new friends. Even though Millicent totally disagrees with the idea she goes along with her parents conditions. When she went out to her first volleyball practice she met a girl named Emily. She had short brunette hair and big brown eyes. Millicent couldn’t believe it… she felt that she was actually making a friend! But the only way Millicent believed she could keep this friendship was to not tell Emily about

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