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If we heard more of the daughter’s voice or thoughts, the content which the author wanted to emphasize will change. Kincaid wanted us to focus on how this mother taught her daughter to survive as a adult instead of how the daughter argued with her mother. If the daughter argued openly with her mother, the nature of this story and the relationship between these two characters will change. In the original story, the whole story is more like a lesson taught by the mother to the daughter. If Kincaid let the daughter argue openly with her mother, this story will be turned more like a argument. The relationship between them will change at the same time. The mother obviously took a much more active part into this conversation and the daughter was in a completely passive position. If the daughter argue openly, the sharp contrast between their position will not be that clear. I don’t think Kincaid wrote this story for any judgmental purposes. I think she just wanted to create a image of Caribbean familial practices objectively. So if the daughter argued with her mother openly, the theme of this story will be turned into how a Caribbean mother tried to dominate her daughter by describing how the daughter fought back although it was a objective fact. The mother was rude and uncompromising. She provided no chance for her daughter to explain. She maybe thought that her daughter didn’t know anything and was a slut. Because her words was very impolite and inappropriate as a mother even using some dirty words. Her daughter responded her two times with no reply. It shows that the mother didn’t care about her daughter’s opinion at all. I think her attitude is primarily the result of her own oppression. It seems like the mother’s mother did the same thing to her, controlling her. Not only the ‘mothers’ but also the whole society was restricting the ‘daughters’. I think the author

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