Giraffe People Essay

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Giraffe women A hundred years ago, Chinese from China would consider that the smaller the size of the leg, the more beautiful the women are. However, in Thailand, Burma and the hilly areas, women from the Kayan tribe are considered to be more beautiful the longer their necks are. These women are from a group called Padaung where they equip brass neck coils to elongate their neck. Many of the Kayan residence in Mae Hong Son Province in Northern Thailand fled to the Thai border area due to conflict with the military regime in Burma. Most of us will ask, why do they need to wear such a heavy coils around their neck? The background of their legend suggested that the coils give the women a resemblance to dragons, the brass gold colour of the coils around their neck is to make them shine like a dragon. This attire is regarded as The Crown of Creation. The coils are also meant to provide protection from tiger bites around the neck area and abduction by rival tribes. Some of the women of the Padaung hill tribe even wear the heavy brass coils around their neck and limbs. These ornaments look like separate rings but are really a continuous coil of brass that can weigh anywhere from five to twenty-two kilograms and measure up to 30 meter in length. To wear the brass coil, they need to endure 3 long suffering steps. Girls start to wear rings about 1kg when they are around 5 years old. When they reached 8 years old, they need to put on same weight of the brass coil again around their neck. If their necks are strong enough to support the weight, then the last step is put on 2 more kg of brass coil when they are 12 years old. I can't imagine that the tender neck of young girl needs to support around 5kg of weight. But if the head of the village find that some of the kids were born physically ugly in the growing stage , they do not have a chance to wear a

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