Giovanni Michiel’s And Giorgio Vassari’s Compared

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Chris Zacharakis Writing assignment #1 History 101 C.Taylor Both Giovanni Michiel’s and Giorgio Vassari’s written works include first hand eye witness accounts that include detailed experiences. These experiences can present biased opinions of the author which help to better understand the situation and thoughts of people during that specific time. In Giovanni Michiel’s “A Venetian Ambassador’s Report on the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre” he describes a scene of cold bloodshed apparently instigated by Queen Catherine de Medici. In this excerpt he describes the battles and bloodshed as ruthless and thoughtless killing done among catholic citizens against the Huguenots which tends to show biased against Catholics. In Giorgio Vassari’s “The Lives of the Artists” he describes the hard work and dedication of Michelangelo painting the ceiling in the Vatican. He also shows a bit of biased towards Michelangelo and perceives Bramante as an antagonist and a destructive force against Michelangelo and his artistic talent. In Giovanni Michiel’s excerpt from “A Venetian Ambassador’s Report of the Bartholomew’s Day Massacre” he begins by telling the background story in which caused the outbreak of the chaos. The Admiral de Coligny was attacked by an attempted murder where a hit man had fired a shot at him from the Duke of Guise’s mother’s house in order to make it seem as if the duke himself had placed the order in order to avenge his family. However, Queen Catherine allegedly was the one who ordered the assassination in an attempt to get her husband the king get involved in a civil war outbreak. In order to avenge this hit the king had thought was placed by the Duke and he had placed an order to slaughter the duke’s officials as well as the Huguenots. The bloodshed went on for days as victims fled to save their lives. Giovanni depicts a vivid scene of blood thirsty
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