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Giovanni Bellini was a successful artist during the renaissance. His artwork, achievements and style were influential to his peers and supporters during the time period. He had a very successful painting career, owning his own workshop, and teaching other painters his skill. One of his most famous paintings “ The Madonna and Child” has been recognized all over the world. Bellini was the most important active painter in Venice during the 15th century, and was responsible for transforming Venice from an artistically provincial city to a major work of art during the Renaissance. Giovanni Bellini was a skilled artist during the Renaissance. Born in Venice into a family of religious painters in 1430, Giovanni grew up with the love of painting. His father, Jacopo Bellini, his brother, Gentile Bellini, and his brother-in-law, Andrea Mantegna all had the same love for art. Venetians painting was a very mature, using much detail type of style, showing not only what season of the year it was, but also the time of the day. Using oil paitings, Giovanni Bellini has created hundres of paintings during his life time, 300 of Bellini’s paintings are still around till this day. One of Giovanni Bellini’s most famous paintings was “ The Madonna and Child”. The painting represented the bond between a mother and her child. The painting was created in 1505 when Bellini was approximately seventy-five years old. The painting is still around till this day and is in the Church of S. Zaccaria. Abandoning the Gothic style of his father's workshop, he perfected the new technique of oil painting to create rich color and a uniquely glowing feeling. He later then opened his own workshop called “The Venetian School of Painting” located in Venice, Italy. Bellini trained many younger artists in his workshop, including Giorgione, Titian, Jacopo da Montagna, Rondinello da Ravenna and

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