Gilgamesh Vs Odyssey

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Gilgamesh vs. The Odyssey In Gilgamesh and The Odyssey the two main characters Gilgamesh and Odysseus are driven to accomplish their goals. Gilgamesh is driven by the death of his faithful companion Enkidu. Enkidu’s death by the gods opens Gilgamesh’s eyes into realizing that no one will live forever. Coming upon this realization he sets out on a quest to find Utnapishtim the Mesopotamian Noah. Utnapishtim was granted immortality by the gods after they agreed to flood the world. Gilgamesh’s quest turns out to be a waist. He then realizes, even though his death is inevitable his glorious city will remain and shall keep his legacy alive. Odysseus is driven by the love for his wife, son, and kingdom. He has the option of staying with Calypso,…show more content…
In Gilgamesh Aruru the goddess who created Enkidu. Women are suited for the creation of a man being that they bare children. Her creation of Enkidu was vital to the fact that Enkidu’s role was to be the companion of Gilgamesh. Shamhat is the woman who seduces Enkidu into sleeping with her. This causes the animals to flee from him being that he know been exposed to humankind. There is also Ishtar the goddess of love and fertility also the goddess of war. Ishtar tries to influence Gilgamesh to take her hand in marriage but he replies “I would gladly give you bread and all sorts of food fit for a god. I would give you wine to drink fit for a queen. I would pour out barley to stuff your granary; but as for making you my wife – that I will not.” Ishtar acts arrogant going to her father Anu for the bull of heaven and tells him that if he doesn’t give her the bull she will make the dead rise and have more of the undead than the living. Siduri the goddess of wine-making and brewing assists Gilgamesh on his journey to find Utnapishtim. Utnapishtim's Wife persuades him to inform Gilgamesh about the magical plant that can restore youth. This gives Gilgamesh a diminutive amount of hope for immortality. He seeks this magical plant and retrieves it only to have it taken by a serpent who sheds its skin becoming young
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