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Humanity March 18, 2013 Test I/ ID Gilgamesh: His name grew up with the poetic “The Epic of Gilgamesh”, in which he went on a journey looking for the secret of immortal, but he did not achieve immortality. In the end, his story rise a good lesson that the destination of his journey did not important to compare with what he had learned during that journey. Puja: an act of prayer or show respect in front of small altar in most Indians’ home. Polis: Greek self-governing city state. It served as the focal point for all political, religious, social and statistic activities its region. Aeneid: A Latin epic poem by Virgil divided into twelve books recounting the adventures of the Trojan prince, Aeneas. In the process, he learns to sacrifice…show more content…
First, there is the main difference in idealistic. The Greeks believed that art was an expression of perfection. They sought to encapsulate the perfect physical form of their objects in artwork. Polykleitos devised a mathematical formula for representing the perfect male body, an ideal of proportion. On the other hand, Roman sculpture was more inclined toward realism of forms. The statue shows Augustus about to deliver a speech, with a natural act. Secondly, another key difference is about the subject matter. The Greeks were fond of making statues of the various gods, creatures of mythology, athletic and strong character. Polykleitos is a young man holding a spear. The Romans, on the other hand, preferred to make statues of real people and events. The various emperors throughout Rome's history were often an inspiration for art. Augustus was portrayed wearing a warrior clothes and holding his weapon. Finally, there is also the difference in express emotion in each sculpture. Polykleito’s face lacked of special features to express his emotion. With a downturned gaze and dreamy expression, his face looked similar to every typical face during that time. Roman sculptures instead successfully in depicting Augustus’s emotion via facial expressions. His mouth form a smile and show a strong straight eye direction toward the

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