Gilgamesh Essay

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1. Describe how Enikdu and Gilgamesh become friends. The two first meet as contenders but instead of killing each other at the end of the fight, Gilgamesh makes Enkidu his friend. They embrace each other in friendship. 2. Who is Humbaba and what happened to him? Humbaba was the guardian demon of the cedar forest. He was killed by Gilgamesh and Enikdu. 3. What is the result of Gilgamesh’s rejection of Ishtar? Ishtar wanted to become friends with Gilgamesh. He refused her offer and insulted her. She was very upset with Gilgamesh so she asks her father Anu to send the Bull of Heaven to punish Gilgamesh. Enikdu and Gilgamesh fight the bull of heaven and defeat him. 4. Discuss the quest of Gilgamesh following the death of Enikdu. He was very upset and sad when Enikdu died. He mourned his friend for many days. Gilgamesh started to become afraid of his own death. Since he felt this way he decided to take a trip to visit Utnapishtim. It was a very dangerous journey that no man has ever done. Gilgamesh finally meets the man and questions him regarding death. He tells him that every man will die and life is not permanent. He finally returns home knowing the truth that every man will experience the afterlife. 5. Who is the Horus of Twin Horizons? Horus is the hawk-headed sun god. 6. In what form(s) does he appear in each poem that you read. He appears as a sun, a sky god and a falcon. 7. By what other name is Horus known? 8. The speaker in each of these poems is female. False 9&10. Identify which poems you believe deal with love, lust, or platonic friendship. The love songs like “Love, how I’d love to slip down to the pond” and “I wish I were her Nubian girl”, show the sexes sharing their deepest desires and lusts for each other. The use of both metaphors and similes are common here because they
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