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Gilbert News Gilbert News The definition of major incidents A major incident is a non-routine emergency situation that demands special arrangements by one or all the emergency services. For the rescue and transportation of a large number of causalities. The organisation and mobilisation of the local authority, to respond to threat of death injury or homelessness on a large scale. E.g. The 911 attacks or the Somerset floods. Do you know the four types of major incidents? There are four types of major incident the first one is natural the definition of natural Disaster is any event of nature that has caused catastrophic consequences such as tsunami, earthquakes, floods etc. The second type is a hostile act the definition…show more content…
Thousands of volunteers rallied around to volunteer to look for April just hours after she was abducted. Resources were bought in from across the UK which did weaken their forces and meant that if they were needed then they couldn’t attend. Lots of services were involved like 17 police teams,45 police forces ,detectives,ceop team ,child rescue alert team, police marine units, fire and rescue urban tams ,coastguard, mountain rescue, do teams, armed forces,rnli,helicopters,kayaks and 1000 plus volunteers. April jones murder sparked a huge search across mid wales it is the biggest search in the UK in history. A campaign was started in honour of April it is the pink ribbon campaign. For the crimes he committed mark Bridger was sentence to prison for the rest of his life. April’s disappearance started a UK appeal which created an app called the child alert app UK.aprils remains will never be found and the coroner’s report came out with no conclusion. Mark Bridger home where April was fought to be killed is being demolished. April’s death and disappearance sparked months of investigation into what happened to her. Aprils family and the whole of machynlleth moune her death and grief because they may never get to know what happened in that small town. The search for April jones costed the government one billion pounds in the search…show more content…
The fatal crash injured 51 people and took 7 peoples lives. The collision caused a huge fireball with flames up to 30ft high. Which melted and damaged 100 yards of motorway and left a number of cars unrecognisable .unfourtnley some of the drivers and passengers were burnt alive because of being trapped in their vehicles. Due to the extent of the damage the highway maintenance can’t reopen the roads until the road and vehicles are repaired. The horrific scene of devastation was a scene of debris and mess. A huge amount of resources were involved such as 15 fire engines,50 fire fighter fighters,30 police officers, forensic investigators and highway maintenance. Because of the amount of injuries some of the injured had to be taken to two different hospitals and some even treated at the roadside. Police officers and forensic teams had to work tirelessly throughout the night to piece all information together. They had to use flood lights. The tailbacks immediately after the crash could have delays of up to 5 and half hours to clear. Geoffrey Counsel who was in charge of the fireworks display was arrested for manslaughter but the charges were later dropped. But he was later charged with a single account of failing to ensure health and safety laws. The trial cost around £84,000 pounds. The coroner later ruled that the crash was

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