Gift of the Spirit Essay

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|Gifts of the Spirit | |Having just graduated from high school, Christie had no | |idea what she would do with her life. If her mother had | |anything to do with it, she would become a genius and solve| |the ills of the world. But, that was mother! | |In reality, it was known in her class that she was the girl| |“most likely not to succeed.” But, no one ever took the | |time to get to know the real Christie; for deep inside she | |had attributes that were wonderful, and pure. | |Of course, Christie kept her attributes and ambitions to | |herself and in truth, wasn’t sure if those feelings would | |ever come true. Often, she thought her ambitious dreams | |were just that---dreams that floated away, once the dream | |was over. | |But then one day something happened and Christie was able | |to shine like never before. It was on a cold December day, | |a day when most people wanted to stay inside and keep warm.| |It was on such a day when Christie was walking to her | |dental assisting job when she came upon a poor boy, | |shivering in the cold. Christie thought he looked about | |seven. He had on nothing but a small, light jacket, and | |shoes that were old and torn. | |As she approached him, he tried hiding his face and then | |began walking faster, almost like he was afraid or | |embarrassed for anyone to see him. | |“Hello there, little boy. How are you this cold December | |day?” | |He didn’t respond but kept walking; this time a little bit | |faster. | |She decided to let it go; for these days if an adult acted | |too friendly with a small child,

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