The Gift Essay

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The Gift Many times, when we are sad or down for any reason, there is always someone out there that finds a way to make us feel better. Sometimes it is either by saying something encouraging or simply being there when someone needs you most. The gift of existence in this world was given to us and we were put here on this earth to find the true meaning of life. In many cases, we do not value what we have or who we are. The fact that we are healthy and alive means a lot, yet we always find a way to complain about the most insignificant thing. A subject that affects all of us, but unfortunately is largely misunderstood, is organ donation. We tend to avoid this subject for many reasons, mainly because it brings up the topic of death which can be so uncomfortable for so many people to discuss. Knowing that someday we will have to leave this life and not knowing what is next scares us all on some level. I once read an article by Alisha Semchuck in the Antelope Valley Press about a young woman named Elizabeth Aguilar. She had expressed the desire to donate her organs with her mother but had not signed up with a donor registry because she was only 19 years old and thought that she would have plenty of time to seriously consider such crucial life decisions. Elizabeth soon became pregnant with her first child. She arrived at the hospital, ready to give birth to her baby, when her blood pressure suddenly surged, causing a brain hemorrhage. Doctors placed her on life support equipment and performed a Cesarean to save the baby. The baby survived the experience but Elizabeth never recovered. After Elizabeth died, her mother made the decision to donate her organs based on the previous conversation she had with her daughter in regards to organ donation. Elizabeth, not only gave the gift of life to her baby, but also gave the greatest gift you could give to another human

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