Gideon Pond House Field Trip

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-1Louis Teerlinck MN History Tues. night 6-9pm 4-20-09 Gideon Pond House Field Trip Tour Essay I learned quite a bit about the Gideon Pond house and mission area. I thought what I learned about Gideon Pond coming into what was a rustic wilderness showed a lot of bravery on his part. There were all sorts of rumors about how aggressive and barbaric the Dakota and Ojibwa were during that time. Even though the things being said were mostly rumors, many believed them. How scary to leave an safe familiar area in the East coast and travel to Minnesota, he must have truly been inspired by his faith. I live blocks from Lake Calhoun, so of course the history involving the Dakota site in what is now the Cemetery really got my imagination…show more content…
A few particular things did stick out to me specifically about the field trip. One of the main things that stuck with me even after the trip was when the character playing Gideon Pond told us about hoe almost all of the Dakota being held in Mendota wanted to be baptized. The Dakota being baptized were genuinely interested in Gideon Ponds faith. The men in these prisons were also taught how to read and write in the Dakota language, exchanging letters with friends and family housed in the other prisons. What a amazing gift to be able to communicate with people they been previously cut off from. I found it interesting that Gideon and his brother were so inspired by the new faith they came all the way out here to Fort Snelling and were then told that they didn’t have permission to be here. Luckily for the two brothers they knew how to farm and allowed to stay and teach farming to the Native Americans at lake Calhoun. Gideon’s state of the art viewing coffins was a little creepy but also interesting invention. I’ll end this paper with interested me the most that Gideon Pond described Little Crow as dangerous, sneaky and not to be
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