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Mark Otto IDS 201 Butcher Research Paper November 14, 2012 Gideon and the Midianites Reading the book of Judges there was one story that pulled me in. Judges 7 with Gideon and his night battle. Dr. Mangano always says that the key to a good story is when you can pull a reader in, and they can imagine and compare to their lives. Well that is exactly what had happened to me, I was reading and this story just pulled me in and had me wanting to know so much more. Why does trumpets and torches cause panic throughout the camp? Why was doing a night battle different from all the others? How are ancient biblical military strategies different from ours today? Why were the Israelites first given to the Midianites? Was war a problem? Midianites had made their way into Gideon’s territory and he didn’t like that, he wanted them out. He went to God in prayer and asked God to help him so he did. Gideon started of with thirty two thousand men. This was not a lot compared to the hundreds of thousands the Midianites had. God then told him that this was too many men and he needs to thin them out. God told him to send anyone scared home, making twenty thousand leave. Gideon is now left with twelve thousand men. God thought that this was still too many so he said lets thin them out again. Gideon took them down to the river to drink. Anyone who lapped the water up like a dog was sent home, and anyone who drank from their hands was allowed to stay. This left Gideon with three hundred men. God said to Gideon that if he wasn’t sure about what He was about to do, then go down to camp and hear what the others are saying. As Gideon goes down to the camp he hears them talking about how they had a dream and how they got slaughtered. Gideon then rounds his troops up and they all have torches and trumpets. As they start to appear the Midianites freak out and start killing each other.

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