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Chad Williamson Giants It all started two years ago. My dad and I had gotten tickets to see the Giants play. I’ve been a baseball fan my whole life. I started off rooting for the Giants when I was nine, the A's and the Giants had both made it to the World Series. Before that happened, I had been a fan of both teams. Then they started playing each other in the Series. Everyone in my family was rooting for the A's but I decided to go my own route and rooted for the Giants instead. Of course the Giants lost but that was the defining moment. I drew a line in the sand. I was and always would be a Giants fan. The rest of my family remained A's fans. Eventually my older sister graduated and moved to San Diego for college. Gradually San Diego became home. During this time she started rooting for the Padres. I made fun of her a little, but I guess I understood why she switched. Dad stayed an A's fan, yeah he rooted for both teams but the A's would always stay his favorite team. Whenever they played each other, we heckled each other, talked trash and yelled/rooted for our teams. We both remained firm. In 2010 the Giants made a late season push and somehow overtook the Padres and made the playoffs. They won easily in the first round against the Braves. I was so going nuts. I was so excited. Then they won in the second, Beating the Phillies. Then they beat the Rangers to win the World Series. It was their first win in the World Series since moving to San Francisco. During this time I noticed something funny. My dad was now rooting for the Giants. He abandoned his team and was now switching sides. I made fun of him and rubbed it in and I still do today. Loyally in sports is important. Some say it is essential. I like to remind my dad that he betrayed his team and switched sides. I like to remind him of his lack of pride. I like to make fun and remind him that he is a

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