Giant African Snail Essay

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GIANT AFRICAN SNAIL The Giant African Snail is posing a huge threat on the state of Florida. These snail can be very dangerous and often called “disease carrying devils.” The Giant African Snail first became a problem in Florida in 2011. People began to notice the snails in there yard and in their homes, as people started reporting the sightings, people of Florida realized they had a big problem on their hands. Of course just by their name you can tell where they original came from. No one is really clear on how they got to the U.S but some have a hint. In 2010 a man was caught using the giant snails in his rituals. Investigators claim an African woman brought them to him by sneaking the snails under her dress on flights to Miami. Now you’re probably wonder, how can a couple snail cause such a problem? Well these snail are parthenogenesis and can participate in asexual reproduction, meaning they have male and female reproductive and can reproduce on their own without a partner. Also these snail can lay up to 1,200 eggs a year!!!. Can you image how many giant African snails there could be in Florida? Maybe there are more snails than humans. The Giant African Snail can cause humans to get meningitis , Meningitis is a bacterial infection of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis can be a deadly disease that can progress extremely fast. Giant African snails like to eat 500 different types of plants , and tend to eat through peoples gardens , they can also eat through plaster and stucco , which are things houses are usually made of. These snail can grow up to 8 inches long , almost 3 times bigger than a regular garden snail. I believe that if these snails don’t all get captured or go extinct they will become an even bigger problem and will spread all over the U.S. Once that happens there is not much we can do but to be over ran by

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