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. G.I. Bill The original GI bill was signed into law in 1944 by President Franklin Roosevelt. The GI Bill was implemented to help men and women that had served in the armed forces reintegrate into society by providing them with an education, or some sort of civilian job training. The GI Bill offered a college scholarship to help pay for their studies, and it also offered the opportunity to get a low interest loan for a mortgage on a new home. The GI Bill has had many changes to its policies and many improvements such as an increased tuition fee coverage, monthly housing allowances, and work study programs that make it easier for servicemen and women to attend school. For decades the GI Bill has helped millions of service men and women achieve high career goals. For many it has helped them even after leaving the military. The GI Bill has provided the opportunity for many military families to be able to better their possibilities at gaining an education. The GI Bill has played a major role in the college system from its beginning stages. Many service men took advantage of the scholarship programs that were provided to them through the GI Bill and began enrolling in college. By the end of the original program in 1956 more than half of the 16 million veterans, had gone to college or had received some sort of job training. After World War I, Veterans returning to the United States would receive a little more than $60 in allowance a day and a train ticket to get back home. Veterans then faced the challenges of reintegrating back into society, which was then made more difficult due to the onset of the Great Depression. In an attempt to help the veterans of World War I, Congress passed the Adjustment Compensation Act of 1924, also known as The Bonus Act. The law was simple veterans would receive a bonus based on the number of days they had served, but there was a

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