Ghosts, Fact or Fake?

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Everyone has fears. However, what is fear exactly? “Fear is a vital response to physical or emotional danger” (Psychology Today). If this is so, then why are people afraid of ghosts? According to Stephen Wagner, the fear of ghosts stems from our fear of the unknown. If ghosts do not cause physical damage to a being, then what exactly causes the fear? That is why I think ghosts are fake. Ghosts are not capable of harming a person if they were to exist. So what exactly makes people afraid? Is it the thought of a ghost? However what is it that makes a ghost fake? Is it the idea of a being that we cannot contact but can contact us? Is it how we cannot see but sense them. Whatever it is I am going to find out. “A ghost is the energy, of a soul or personality of a person who has died and has somehow gotten stuck between this plane of existence and the next” (Wagner). The most common belief is that ghosts cause a decrease in temperature. But that is not true due to the fact that if ghosts would cause a temperature difference they would have to cause a temperature increase due to the fact that they increase the energy in the atmosphere causing the kinetic energy in the atmosphere to increase and temperature is the average amount of kinetic energy in an area. “Cold spots are small self-contained air pockets that feel colder than the ambient temperature; they have been recorded between 10-40 degrees lower than the ambient air. They are usually found in the location at the approximate time of a manifestation. Witnesses frequently describe cold spots, or relate that they felt a chill upon entering the area {of a manifestation}. It is theorized that these cold spots are the result of the manifestation using the heat energy of the surrounding air as fuel” (Ghosts of Earth). But that’s not true. If the ghost where to use the heat energy as fuel then it would create more heat
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