Ghost Office Essay

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When was the last time you went out, bought a stamp, and mailed a letter? My guess is that you probably can’t even remember. In fact I’m guessing the majority of readers couldn’t even tell me the cost of a stamp nowadays. Well, you’re not alone. Nationwide postal revenues have been steadily declining as we rely more and more on electronic means to communicate. Also when we need something shipped, we now depend on private companies such as FedEx or UPS. Businesses now do almost all of their business through e-mail, fax, and scanned images. While eliminating almost all of their paper use may bring a smile to Al Gore’s face, it has crippled the Post Office to an extreme degree. Though the Post Office has lost most of its usefulness it can still be the heart of a small town. For example, New Hartford, Iowa lost its postal office earlier this year and when the Post Office authorities called a town meeting to announce their departure, almost one third of the townspeople showed up to protest in what was described by the Post Office as a “Mob Scene”. Searsboro, Iowa is another shocking example of this in which the town actually voted to unincorporate because they decided that if they didn’t have a post office, then they didn’t want to be a town. At this rate, I believe that the Post Office will become almost completely obsolete within the next ten years. I think the only things we will be getting in the mail is some useless junk we thought looked cool on Amazon and the occasional birthday card from our

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